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Welcome to LogiGon

LogiGon is the the new freight exhange for Europe

We welcome you to LogiGon - the new freight exchange for Europe.
Our platform not only offers you a self-explanatory, time-saving and visually up to date freight exchange, but also many other functions. For example, an integrated chat system to get in touch quickly and easily with other companies. Thanks to the completely web-based system, you can use LogiGon on the go with your smartphone or tablet.

Freight Exchange

With LogiGon, you can set up your own freight and vehicle offers in just a few steps. Enter loading and unloading location, size, weight and all other relevant data and in a few moments, your offer will be available to all LogiGon members, who can then contact you directly with all the necessary data.

Company Profiles

LogiGon offers you the opportunity to introduce yourself and represent your own company profile. Among other things, you can provide information such as vehicle fleet, services offered, employees, your documents and related relations. Of course, you will also find the right member in seconds.

Tendering Platform

Create larger freight volumes and benefit from high-performance members. Secure long-term and cooperative business relationships through our tender platform. With LogiGon you can increase the utilization of your vehicles, optimize empty runs and find new business partners.

Usable on all Devices

Fixed location was yesterday! Use LogiGon on the go, as the platform can be used 100% on all modern mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or notebooks. This mobility is of particular interest to smaller forwarding companies or self-driving entrepreneurs and simplifies your daily scheduling thanks to the user-friendly interface.

  • User-friendly
  • Checked members
  • Affordable
  • Mobile capable
  • Safe
  • German provider
  • Server security
  • Data security
  • Secure data transmission
  • 24 hours accessibility
  • Transparent pricing
  • No hidden costs
  • Different price packages
  • 1 price for all devices
  • 1 month free
Route Planner

Plan your route quickly and for free with our integrated route planner. Thanks to map data from Google Maps, you can be sure that the calculated routes are always up-to-date, timely and accurate, and you can plan both nationally and internationally.


If you offer or search for storage capacities, then you have with LogiGon Storage the possibility to start a storage search or to make a storage input. Of course, LogiGon offers you the same comfortable operation that you already get at the freight exchange.

Chat System

Save time by using our integrated chat system, which allows you to get in touch quickly and easily with any LogiGon member. By pressing a button, you can directly contact a freight carrier with all the necessary data for a freight offer.

No Software Installation

With our completely web-based system, you can use LogiGon conveniently and without any software installation with your personally chosen browser.

Current Freight and Vehicle Offers

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